Free up Your Space

with diskDedupe


• Free up your disk space without removing any files

• Replace all duplicate files with clones
on APFS (Apple's standard file system since macOS 10.13+)

• Preserve meta data like timestamps, hard links, soft links etc.

• Works with all files, great for photos, archives, Logic Pro X files, and many more ...

Simple to Use

• Select folder on APFS filesystem

• Press “Deduplicate”

• See progress and results

Fast and Efficient

• Optimized algorithm to find duplicates

• Minimal disk reads for duplicate detection

• Caching data - smart rehashing


• Disk structure stays as is

• Meta data is preserved (e.g. modification dates, hard links, soft links, aliases, etc.)

• SHA-2 for collision free hashing

 diskDedupe cleaned up my archives of Logic Pro X files - where many contain the same sound files, samples, etc. It shrunk my 800 GB archive folder down to 300 GB! Now I don’t have to worry about which versions to keep: I can keep them all. 


 diskDedupe helped me by turning all my duplicate images in my various design folders into clones and with that getting 30% of my disk space back. 

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